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Champagne brands on beer budgets.

Champagne brands on beer budgets

For too long, premium design has been owned by those with big pockets. We prefer to work with those with big dreams.

Our turnkey branding kits include everything you need to launch, or relaunch, your brand.

We put our money where it matters: into the best talent, not the fanciest offices, flashest cars, or biggest parties. Now that’s refreshingly transparent.




How We Do It


Creatives Without Borders

Berlin, Bali, Bondi… Blenheim. We’ve searched the world over to handpick the very best creative talent, and we encourage them to work from the places which inspire them most. It’s no secret that creatives don’t like to be chained down to a desk in a 9 to 5.


Time to stop selling time

At Not Another™, we keep things fast-paced because we know the best creative projects have momentum. Plus, we’re not selling you our time so have no incentive to let projects drag on. That means you get your brand in weeks, not months.


Everything means everything

Unless it’s fries with your burger, upsells are gross. That’s why our branding kits have absolutely everything you need to get your brand live and grow it fast.

Domain name buying? Sorted. Email setup? Too easy. Social media templates? Already done.



When it comes to commitment, we sit between a one night stand and a ‘til-death-do-us-part. In other words, we’re here to set you up and empower you with the skills and tools to run your brand without relying on us for life.

We don’t lock you in retainers, complicated contracts, and marked up website hosting fees. But don’t worry: we’re always here whenever you need us.


Our Manifesto : keep it real — make it epic



It doesn’t matter how good your business cards look if your accounts give you nightmares. We understand startups and small business because we’ve launched and managed a lot of them. We’re passionate about branding for the people and helping those, like us, who are full of ambition but not necessarily full of money.


You only have one chance — usually just a short moment — to make a lasting impression. There’s more noise than ever so you have to stand out from the crowd and be a brand people remember as being truly epic. We’re not interested in the mediocre.


The way it should be

Refreshingly transparent

We’ve distilled absolutely everything it is that new brands need into branding kits so you know exactly what you’re getting, right from the start.

We’re also refreshingly transparent with our pricing. Take a look at how we stack up to our more “traditional” friends in the industry.